Krav Maga Leeds

All about Krav Maga Leeds

Spartans Academy of Krav Maga Leeds gives you the opportunity to get fitter, stronger and more confident, all whilst learning a practical and effective self defence system.

We currently run Krav Maga self-defence and fitness classes on a weekly basis, meaning Krav Maga Leeds offers plenty of opportunity to come along, join in, meet like-minded people, learn something new and above all, have lots of fun!


Is the Krav Maga Leeds class for me?

Krav Maga Leeds is for everyone, regardless of: age, sex, shape, size, etc.  We are so sure that you will love Spartans Academy of Krav Maga Leeds, but to give you peace of mind we offer you  the chance to come and try the class for nothing – a 2 hour class absolutely FREE.  If you are looking for an authentic Israeli self defence system Krav Maga Leeds is the ONLY option available in your area. Check out our ‘’About Us’’ page for more details.

Bad things will never ever happen to me!
We hope that you are right and you never become a victim – just another statistic. After just two hours of Krav Maga practice you are less likely to become a victim of a sexual assault.
Krav Maga Leeds will teach you how to react to physical danger correctly if attacked.  It is better to know Krav Maga and never need to use than need it and not know it.

I am not fit!

If that is your opinion of your current fitness level, it is not a problem. There is no minimum fitness level needed to start training with Krav Maga Leeds and we promise to help you get fitter and get back in shape.

Our Krav Maga Leeds classes are scientifically planned by our Chief Instructor, Gheorghe Husar, so that you will lose weight, tone your body and learn lifesaving skills!

Krav Maga has been proven to be one of the best ways to lose weight, burning more calories than: swimming, cycling or running.

I am too old!

If that is what you think, then you should know that we have students aged between 16 and 80 years old attending our classes, with participants aged up to 54 currently attending our Krav Maga Leeds class. Most of our students started their training in our Krav Maga Leeds class without any previous martial arts experience!

I do not have any previous martial arts experience!

Fantastic! That will save time fixing movements and habits that you might have learned in traditional martial arts. What does this mean? You will progress quicker.

I am not a fighter!

No problem at all. Krav Maga Leeds is about learning to defend yourself, and with the help of our Krav Maga Leeds team you will become a better fighter (you need to improve your fighting fitness and fight endurance in order to defend against an attack). If you want to learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones we’ll teach you how to do it. Most of our Krav Maga Leeds students started with no fighting experience.